shifting mechanism (cropped) (stage) 2  1994 Dance on the Beat WCMD 1 (orchestral) cropped dark 2  Ibi and viol (concerts) cropped with text  James Hall (vocal)2  Film and text

The full orchestration of each work is followed by the duration, which is indicated in minutes. Instruments in parentheses indicate any doublings.


Woodwind instruments:
fl                      flute
picc                 piccolo
ob                   oboe
cl                     clarinet
b cl                  bass clarinet
s sax               soprano saxophone
a sax               alto saxophone
t sax                tenor saxophone
b sax               baritone saxophone
bsn                  bassoon
cbsn                contrabassoon

Brass instruments:
hn                    horn
tpt                    trumpet
tbn                   tenor trombone
b tbn                bass trombone
euph                euphonium
tba                   tuba

timp                 timpani
perc                percussion
vib                   vibraphone
mrba               marimba

pno                  piano
e-pno              electric piano
harm               harmonium
hpd                  harpsichord

String instruments:
vln                    violin
vla                   viola
vcl                    cello
db                    double bass


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